Meet Our Team

The staff at Kingston Veterinary Hospital is top-notch.  You will not find a more compassionate or dedicated staff anywhere.

Carol is our office manager.  She has been employed with Dr. Hardin and now Dr. Jones since 1984.  Carol has had many pets over the years, most of them orphans that she adopted from work.  Carol lives with her husband, Roger, in Circleville.  She has two spoiled cats, Calvin & Kushka and two very spoiled Chihuahuas, Bianca and Steve, who insist on going to work with her every day.

Sara is one of our registered veterinary technicians. She graduated from Columbus State in 2006 and has worked for us ever since. Sara is a single mother of three children Isabelle, Ethan & Colton.  She has two dogs, Woody and Heidi and 14 black polish afro chickens.  She is an avid Buffet fan and has been to 16 of his concerts.

Bobbi is one of our veterinary technicians who is also our head lab tech.  She has been with us at KVH since 2006.  Bobbi and her husband, Gary, have two Great Danes, Kevin & Gemma and a Yorkshire Terrier, Fred, and Ronda, a mix breed, who was a rescue from KVH.  She also has an African Gray, which she just adores!  Bobbi and her husband live in Kingston.  Bobbi and her husband enjoy camping on the weekends.  In addition, Bobbi enjoys photography in her spare time.

Joan is our receptionist.  She started at KVH in September of 2011.  Joan has a Masters Degree in Science and has recently rejoined the workforce after staying home with her children.  Joan resides in Circleville with her family.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, John, and her two children, Samantha and Eddie, and her two kitties, Tooloose and Fidget.  In her spare time, Joan also volunteers at the Circleville Area Humane Society and enjoys running.

Tarisha moved back to Ohio from San Diego in 2016.  She is one of our veterinary assistants in the morning and runs the reception desk in the afternoon.  Tarisha has three dogs.  Wallace is her newest addition.  He was a rescue from KVH.  Happy is a rescue from San Diego. Her third dog has been with her for years!  Follow her instagram famous dog, Happy @ hip_hap_anonymous.  Also, catch a glimpse of her less famous dog Ellie, who shares the same instagram account.  Tarisha also has five hens, one rooster and five ducklings!


Erin is one of our part-time registered technicians.  Erin did her externship with us while attending Bradford.  She graduated in December, 2008, and was hired immediately!  Working with animals has been Erin’s dream since she was a little girl.  Erin shares her home with her husband, Chas, her two daughters, Kynlee & Elliot and son, Eli.  Erin has three dogs and three cats.

Ashley is our head kennel technician.  She is a big animal lover!  Taking care of animals has always been her dream since she was little, and she hopes to become a veterinary assistant.  Ashley is a hard worker and will spoil your pets while you are away and treat them like her own.  She has five spoiled dogs of her own; three Pomeranians, Romeo, Leo and Punkin & two Aussies, Remi and Roo Roo.  Roo loves going to work with her everyday and has to be wherever she goes.  They are inseparable and the best of friends!

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