Meet Our Team

The staff at Kingston Veterinary Hospital is top-notch.  You will not find a more compassionate or dedicated staff anywhere.

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Elizabeth, Office Manager

Elizabeth joined the KVH team in July of 2023. She has been working in veterinary clinics for over 20 years. From general practice to ER, she has done a little of everything. As office manager, she is excited to mentor the next generation of veterinary professionals. She is married with a son and daughter in law. She also has a small menagerie of cats, dogs, fish, frogs, and snails. When not at work, she can be found on a disc golf course caddying for her husband or planning suicide awareness events. #988lifeline #notonemorevet

Katie, Registered Veterinary Technician

Katie joined the KVH team in May of 2022. She is a 2011 graduate of the Veterinary Technician program at Bradford. As a child she would watch Animal Planet and tell anyone that would listen that she was going to be a vet/tech. That enthusiasm hasn't diminished and it shows. She loves to educate clients and help animals. Katie is married and has two children. She also runs a mini farm with horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats. She keeps the KVH staff and even the UPS driver supplied with farm fresh eggs. She has been training her mini horse to drive and training her dog Jimmy Dean to do pet therapy. He enjoys going to the library to read with kids. In her "spare time" she enjoys painting, crafting, and trail riding.

Krista, Veterinary Assistant

Krista previously worked at KVH and returned in February of 2024. She began her career in human healthcare but soon realized that helping animals was her passion.  From puppy/kitten visits to senior care, she loves it all. Krista is married with two children.  She also has Memphis, a Golden Retriever and Kanyon, a German Shepherd. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, traveling and paranormal research.

Emily, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Emily joined  the KVH team in August of 2022. Prior to coming here, she worked in a large boarding and doggy day care center. She is passionate about helping pets and their parents. She has an inquisitive mind and is eager to learn new things. When not at work, she can be found spending time with Salem, her FIV + rescue cat. He can be a bit of a Diva, but that makes her love him more. She also loves painting, drawing, and making delectable treats for staff birthdays and anniversaries.

Amanda, Veterinary Assistant

Amanda joined the KVH team in February of 2023. She has always had a passion to work with animals. She comes to us with 14 years of experience working with small animals. She loves learning new things and staying up to date on all of the new products & technology to better care for your pets. Amanda and her husband Chris are the proud pet parents of 2 cats, Larry & Cute Face, 2 dogs, Faith & Lilly, & 2 rabbits. In their spare time, they can be found gardening, fishing, hunting, camping, & riding on their side by side. 

Akira, Veterinary Assistant

Akira joined the KVH team in January of 2022 after interning. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program. With a background in 4-H, cheer, and high school sports, she knows how to be a team player. She has Tank, a laid back Pit lab mix and Ash , a Boxer, which says it all. When not at work, she likes to fish and spend time with family.

Kylee, Veterinary Assistant

Kylee joined the KVH team in January of 2024. She is new to veterinary medicine but is an enthusiastic learner. She took 2 years of Equine Science at UK and is very active in the horse show world. She is a 7x Congress Champion, 2x Reserve Congress Champion, and 2x Reserve World Champion. When not at work or a horse show, she enjoys shopping and spending time with her boyfriend and pets (Posty, Amethyst, Abilene, and Bella)

McKenzie, Veterinary Assistant

McKenzie joined the KVH team in December of 2023. She is currently taking classes at Pickaway Ross Career & Technology Center for Veterinary Assistant.

Brenna, Veterinary Assistant

Brenna joined the KVH team in March of 2021. She is a big animal lover and enjoys living and working in a small community. She is currently working at KVH part time while attending classes to become a nurse. She is married with two sons. They have Timber, a vocal Husky, Cecelia, a timid German Shepherd, and two cats Lucy Fur & Scarlett. In their spare time they enjoy camping together. 

Teresa, Kennel Technician 

Teresa joined the KVH team in July of 2019. She grew up on a farm and over the years has worked with a multitude of animal including cats, dogs, reptiles, and livestock. She works closely with hospital staff to ensure a safe and healthy environment while your pet is staying in our boarding facility. Teresa is married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She has 4 dogs, Tidas, Jana, Vader, & Emma, along with multiple barn cats. She loves to travel and enjoys growing plants, indoor & outdoor.

JP, Kennel Technician

JP joined the KVH team in July of 2019. 

Bailey, Kennel Technician 

Bailey joined the KVH team in April of 2024. She has had a variety of animals her whole life. Her goal is to get hands on experience and eventually go to school to become a large animal veterinarian. She currently has two dogs, a cat, and a Quarter Horse. When not at work or school, she competes in barrel racing. Her accomplishments include NBHA Youth Worlds 3rd in the 2D in poles, S5 Ranch 1D Youth and Open Champion.

Gomez, Chaos Coordinator/Creator of Chaos

Gomez came to KVH as a rescue back in 2014. When he arrived he had head trauma, likely from being thrown from a moving vehicle. When not visiting with clients, he can be found hiding in cabinets waiting to surprise employees. He's a bit of a "Sour Patch Kid" because although he is sweet he can turn sour if he decides he has been pet too long. You may notice him walking "funny" because of his previous head trauma and seizure disorder. Don't let it fool you though because he can out run most of the staff when it's time to go in his room for the night.

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